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Processor : Pentium Class

Operating System : Almost all versions of MAC and Windows operating system

Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space

Thanks a lot for this amazing iPad Backup Utility. This great tool has helped me to easily backup my entire iPad contents.It safely backup contacts, SMS, calendars and other informations of iPad.

Joseph Martin

iPad Backup is really wonderful utility. I had used this software and it works very fine. With the help of its enticing features and easy to use interface i can easily create backup of iPad contents.


Restore Deleted Photos On iPad

iPad is one of the most amazing electronic gadget that is widely used today. People love to have an iPad for downloading and watching the photos and videos, reading eBooks, connecting with their friends and family, all these qualities in a single device. IPad is the most excellent way to experience the web, photos, emails and videos, movies, music, TV shows, and many more endless entertainment. But along with these amazing features there are times when users by mistake delete their photos and videos on their iPad. They get frustrated on how to get back deleted photos.

Users should not panic as they can easily get back deleted photos from the iPad backup file. But if there is no backup available then there is also another option. The videos and images deleted on an iPad is not permanently deleted and therefore can be restored easily with only little effort. The place where the deleted file is located is now available for the immediate and reusable use. Therefore user should not try to get any new file on an iPad as it will delete the old one permanently.

For Windwos For Mac

The other option to restore deleted photos on iPad is use a third party iPad data recovery tool. But for the recovery tool you will have to spend some amount.

If you want to be on the safe side then always create a backup for the data on your iPad. You can use iTunes for creating the backup for the data on your iPad. But iTunes has also some limitation like the synchronization problem, so you can use a professional and safe backup iPad tool. This tool helps in creating the backup file for your data very easily and safely. With this tool you can very easily transfer all your data from iPad to your computer or to any other external storage device. Therefore at times when you lost your data on iPad, you can recover them easily and quickly without making any effort or paying any extra amount.